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Mr. Machen, along with his predecessors and successors, held the position of "United States Attorney for the District of Columbia" in the "United States Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia." I suggest you fix the label in the second and third charts, plus text in the seventh and eighth paragraphs.

I also wonder what the focus on Machen's term is. We've had six acting or permanent USAOs serving in that office since Machen left office nearly a decade ago (Phillips served in both official and acting capacities). Three of those seven were in office for longer than a year (Phillips for 23 months permanent from 2015 to 2017 plus eight more acting in 2021; Liu for 28 months; and Graves for 23 months and counting). Are there meaningful trends in that period?

On the first chart, is that really 'active warrants by year of case'?? Meaning today, we have ~150/175 active warrants outstanding from cases filed in 1978? Or is it warrants issued by **DC Superior Court** by year of issuance (i.e. excludes District Court warrants)? The presentation of this as a line graph is a little confusing because--I'm guessing?-- the total number of active warrants at a point in time is really the area under the curve (integral). Maybe a pie chart or stacked bar chart would present the disaggregation of current warrants outstanding by year of issuance a little more clearly.

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